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Soulbase goes LA

We went for short stay at our friends of The Visonaire Group .. brain picking and getting those juices flowing.

Wes being sexy in the california sun

The great Visionaire Group

The talented TVG people

Oow baby i like it raw .. jeff’s excellent ride

Logan’s HQ

Say hi to our bro Dimitry

Cheers girl!

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Toyfair 2009

Me, Guido and bob from House of secrets went scouting on the International toy fair in Nurnberg.
No pictures please!

Nice blow-up doll!

Aaaaah those Japanese!!

Funky Korean textures

Hidden beauties

German style


Don’t even try this early .. bob ‘ll bite your head off!

Museum for modern art and design

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Soulbase goes NYC

A 5 day trip to New York city, visiting the FITC Pause festvial. To much to do, to little time to take pictures.

The rooftops seen from our appartment


Smoking in the open air is still legal


Guggenheim warmth

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