Freaky styley

For a project for Electronic Arts we had to give one of our guys an extreme make-over.

Soon more about this.



Just a little sketch for the main character.


Soulbase featured

Soulbase is being featured in the latest issue of the Korean media and design magazine Trendweb Vol. 128.  A four page interview of which we don’t understand any word .. so if there is anybody out there who is able to read this .. we are curious :D


Pop it up!

For a new quiz show on the music channel TMF in cooperation with 7-up, we have created a small and playful leader-package. We opted for a toony approach with a little 7-up falvoured anime.

Our proposal in storyboard:


Character design sketches:




Character design variations:


Stash dvd 67

The new Stash dvd is just released featuring our FITC opening titles, and again with a little bit of background story.


Watch the titles!

After seeing the opening title sequence we did for FITC, Submarine’s asked Soulbase for an interview.

Thanks to Remco Vlaanderen!


Stash dvd 65

Pivot is being featured in the 65th dvd issue of Stash. Including some sketches and a little background story. Thanks to Abbey!

Check out the Pivot page of the booklet.


Pivot for all to see!

The winter of 2009 we started working on the script and concept design for the pitch for a short animation film.
We won the pitch, battled all summer to create the piece, got nominated for the dutch oscars for best short film, and now it’s live for everyone to see!

Hope you like it!

Watch in HD now!


PIVOT teaser trailer

Our work is done! We’ve finished our short animation film, Pivot. Printed on 35mm, dolby 5.1 mixed, and ready to launch! Though the film will premiere on the dutch film festival on the 28th, we have made a teaser trailer to tickle you all just a little :D

Check the teaser right now! … no drooling on the screen please



Things are really going in the right direction in Eindhoven. The city is not only pretending to be the design capital of Europe, but is actually working hard to get this status. A new initiative called Flux-S has started. A yearly art festival with art inspired and created in the remains of the old industrial Philips Strijp-s complex. The enormous concrete spaces are beautifull on it’s own, and the artists and performers make great use of the posibilities.